In the late 1990's a kids TV show debuted on Nickelodeon about a small yellow sponge names Spongebob Squarepants.

Living in a pineapple under the sea, with his pet snail Gary, is a very happy sponge. Nothing bothers him although he bothers the people around him. He constantly annoys his neighbor Squidward and his driving instructor Mrs. Puff with the fact that he is incapable of passing his boating exam and getting out of her class.

Spongebob worries about the oddest things- one time he was sick with the suds and he was worried about going to the doctor because his idiot friend Patrick told him that one of the horrors of seeing the doctor was sitting in the waiting room reading old magazines! Yikes! Horrors!

OR what about the time he hijacked Sandy Cheeks rocket, thought he landed on the moon and captured everyone in Bikini Bottom as aliens and then got them all stuck on the moon! Or he cried his eyes out because he thought Patrick broke the toy that he waited all day at the mailbox for!

However, things that worry most people, doesn't worry Spongebob. Spongebob is totally devoted to Mr. Krabs and the Krusty Krab. He has even paid Mr. Krabs to work there! Yikes.

His innocence is refreshing, his naiveness is something that at times we could all use (although I don't recommend it too often).

Spongebob has many different friends of different intelligence levels. First is Patrick Star, a star fish. Although he posses the same childlike qualities that Spongebob has, he lacks Spongebob's common sense. It is this stupidity on his part that usually gets the two of them into trouble (although Spongebob has been known to do that quite successfully on his own).

Next is Sandy Cheeks-a land Squirrel that is living underwater in a protected environment that provides her with air. She is a scientist and it is many times that Spongebob has ruined her work. Because she is smarter, she has taken it upon herself to be Spongebob's protector and mentor.

Mr. Krabs, his boss, has the opportunity to mold Spongebob into being a better citizen of bikini bottom. However he is so money mad that most of the time, nothing else matters. I truly believe he would sell his daughter for a dollar (he gambled Spongebob with the Frying Dutchman for 64 cents one time).

Spongebob is seen in many countries around the world and in many different languages. No other Nickelodeon show is this popular with videos, books, toys, games (even Spongebob monopoly) Who knows, maybe one day, Spongebob could even bring about world peace.

Spongebob is continuing into 2010 with new episodes as it was really announced that Victoria Beckham of Spice Girls fame would be having a guest appearance on the show. She joins many celebrities in lending their vocal talents to the many guest stars that have dropped by the show over the years.
Why deviated septum surgery? And a better question who’s had the surgery. Before these questions can be answered effectively, a brief introduction into what a deviated septum is needs to be examined. The nasal septum is the area of the nose that separates the nasal passages. The septum is made up of both bone and cartilage.

A deviated septum is when that bone and cartilage of the nose is no longer straight. There are a few ways that a septum may deviate, one way is at birth. This type of deviation is called congenital.

Hollywood is full of actors and actresses that have gone under the knife to fix a deviated septum. There are many that have done it for the sake of looks and there are those that have needed them because of health reasons. What ever the reason the jury Is out on whether or not it has helped or hurt their career.

Some of the most notable actresses that have gone under the knife to get their noses worked on are most recently Jennifer Anniston , and Cameron Diaz. Again whether it was necessary or whether it affected their looks the jury is still out. Either way so far it doesn’t appear that their carreers have suffered as a result.
Remarkably there is one actress who’s career suffered as a result of a nose surgery was Jennifer Grey. Many will remember her from her most notable movies being Dirty Dancing, and Red Dawn. After her role in the film Dirty Dancing, Grey decided to have a nose job to remove the bump from her nose.
It is true that the bridge of her nose, had a bump on it, and it was well noticed, but that nose was who she was, and it was a part of her. It was so much a part of her that even some friends didn’t really recognize her wants she recovered from her surgery.
There are plenty enough pictures and “Access Hollywood” type interviews out there to see that the results of her surgery have almost literally changed her look to be another person all together
In an interview after her surgery she stated that the surgery on her nose was the “worst mistake she had ever made”. She stated that she didn’t look like the girl from dirty dancing, just someone who somewhat resembled that girl.
There are some more recent starlets that have received similar comments since going under the knife. A phrase has come out nick named the "Jennifer Grey" syndrome, which has been attached to celebrities such as Ashlee Simpson and Ashley Tisdale from "High School Musical"

If your considering a surgery for yourself, a visit to the doctors office will determine whether deviated septum surgery is necessary. The doctor will start out by using an endoscope, a thin lighted instrument, to view your nasal passages and the shape your septum. The surgery typically takes between 1 to 1 ½ hours, usually under local or general anesthesia. In most cases this is an outpatient surgery.
Now that Obama is a couple months into his term and the Dubya jokes are quickly fading from memory -- let's just agree that the former president wasn't, how shall we say, cerebral -- I just can't pin our collective mess on the man. What were most of us doing while the country was being run into the ground? Searching for the next "American Idol"? Spelling like a fifth-grader? Waiting for the next pop tart’s wardrobe malfunction?

Let’s face it team, we haven’t exactly been at the top of our game. But the times they are-a-changin'.

Wooed by the refreshing sound of a president and his basic grasp of the English language, I listened to President Obama speak frankly to our mounting obstacles during a February press conference. And while the state of our nation unsettles me, I take comfort in our leader’s unwavering determination, vision and most of all, his intelligence.

Then it occurred to me: It’s cool to be smart. Has President Obama single-handedly inspired a nation to pull its head out of its ass? A little evidence that we’re yearning to think again:

1. Our "It Girl" is smart. We can’t get enough of Tina Fey. She might be easy on the eyes but that’s not what we first noticed her for. We love Fey because she made it fun to think about issues we’ve preferred to ignore. She cleverly and courageously used the world stage to say the things we were dying to hear.

2. The ultimate fashion authority says so. Vogue dedicated several pages of its January issue to Katie Couric, Campbell Brown and Rachel Maddow. And not in an investigative "Which-designers-are-in-your-closets-ladies?" kind of way. No, it’s all business. Vogue celebrates the women transforming broadcast news, pushing the boundaries and taking the lead on asking tough questions.

3. The frivolous are taking heed. Meet the Recessionista, formerly known as the Fashionista. They’ve abandoned Carrie Bradshaw’s financial credo -- "I like my money where I can see it: hanging in my closet" -- for more conservative cues from the likes of Suze Orman... who, I promise, will never tell you Manolo Blahniks are sound investment.

4. Demetri Martin. Haven’t heard of him yet? Pay attention. Curiously politics-free and furtively smart, his new show, Important Things, made its Comedy Central debut last month.. "New York" magazine sums it up best, “So if the last election signaled a free-floating desire among young people to embrace a shift toward the smart, the different, and the new, then Demetri Martin is the man arriving at the exact right moment.”

5. Even our class-clown is growing up. The ever-charming, celeb-punking Ashton Kutcher is putting his infectious energy and multi-tasking mind to good use. He recently announced his commitment to end human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children through his Presidential Pledge. Kutcher has since rallied hundreds of fellow celebrities to make pledges of their own, and continues to encourage all of us to be the change. He's even using his newfound social media presence to help sick kids.

Brains are back. Fiscal responsibility, the environment, the war in Iraq, human rights, poverty, healthcare -- it’s all got to stay top-of-mind. Take your pick, because there’s a mountain of work to do. We can no longer afford the luxury of ignorance or keep waiting around for someone else do to the job. Sure, we’re still going to dance with the stars and keep Britney steadied at the top of our Yahoo searches (we’re Americans after all), but first, we’re going to do our homework.

First of all, in looking for an instructional website on how to write a critique of a journal article, I found nothing online giving the steps to take to structure a critique of a journal article. So, here goes; what I'm going to do is give you the elements of putting together a journal article critique below from an old instructional course book for political science writers. The following steps are taken from The Political Science Student Writer's Manual, 4th Edition, by Gregory M. Scott and Stephen M. Garrison:

  1. The first step is to select an appropriate journal article; the best articles are taken from scholarly journals.
  2. Browse journals until you find a topic that interests you; this makes for a better critique.
  3. Select an article that fits your current level of knowledge. Do not include statistics unless you are versed in those statistics.
  4. Try to select articles that are current; pick an article written within the preceding 12 months.
  5. Writing the critique will cover five areas, after you have read the article thoroughly: thesis, methods, evidence of thesis support, contribution to the literature, recommendations.
  6. Tips on the five elements: (1) Clearly state the thesis. (2) Under methods, answer the following questions. "What methods did the author use to investigate the topic? Were the appropriate methods used? Did the author's approach to supporting the thesis make sense? Did the author employ the methods correctly? Did you discover any errors in the way the research was conducted?" (3) Evidence of Thesis Support: "What evidence did the author present in support of the thesis? What are the strengths of the evidence? What are the weaknesses? How did the author support the thesis?" (4) Contribution to the literature: "Conduct your own research and include at least five other authors on the subject. Evaluate the contribution that your selected article makes to a better understanding of the subject." (5) Recommendation: "Summarize your evaluation of the article. Who will benefit from reading this article? What will the benefit be? How important and extensive is that benefit? Clearly state your evaluation of the article in the form of a thesis for your own critique."
  7. Find yourself a paper format in which to put your critique and follow assigned or selected citing methods, as well, when giving support for your thesis or quoting your source materials.

I know that medical and other forms of treatments are very important for prostate cancer, but I think that the most important determinant for surviving prostate cancer is different from these. Many people might not agree with me, but I have seen lots of cases where people survived cancer not really because of the medical treatments they used but because... wait for it... they BELIEVED STRONGLY that they would survive the conditions.

So, as far as I am concerned, the single, most important determinant to surviving prostate cancer or any other type of cancer, for that matter, is the STRONG BELIEVE and conviction that one would survive. You see, no matter how effective the prostate cancer treatment and medication happen to be, if the person has no will to live, he or she won't live. So - beyond the treatment, the individual has to also have the strong believe and conviction that they will survive the condition. Such strong believe and condition will do wonders for such a person.

Many people who once had prostate cancer testify to the incredibly huge importance and power of people in helping with their own healing, re cancer. People who were given very limited prognosis and who were thought to surely die within a short time from prostate cancer eventually survived it.

So - you should never feel dejected or down because you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and given a limited prognosis. If you work hard on making your believe and conviction very strong that you will survive the condition, there are more chances, than not, that you WILL. Didn't one wise man say "If you think you CAN or you can't, you are right! You should make the resolve to be among those that have survived prostate cancer and you will be surprised that you WILL.

Hmmm Semangat ngeblog emang harus terus dipupuk :D . Karena semangat ngeblog itu keknya naik turun sesuai mood kita. Kalo tidak dipupuk dengan baik, bisa-bisa habis tak bersisa dan kejenuhan ngeblog pun akan terjadi. Untuk mengatasi kejenuhan ngeblog bisa dengan berbagai macam hal, mulai dari liburan, sampai dengan meninggalkan kegiatan ngeblog untuk sementara waktu. Saya sendiri yang kurang lebih 2 tahun ngeblog semangatnya pun naik turun :P . Kadang naik, kadang juga turun, pokoknya parah banget deh. Kebetulan saya sendiri orangnya moody, jadi yah begitulah....kalo sedang semangat ya bisa terlihat perkembanganna, tapi kalo dah down ancur dah :P , buat nulis 1 kata aja udah muales banget

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